“To be the best you have to learn from the best.”

What You Will Learn in This 3-Day FREE Feng Shui Practitioner Course:  

  • The Feng Shui reasons behind billionaires and how you can be rich and make more money.


  • How to achieve outstanding success   and avoid failure.


  • How to attract your soul mate, create awesome relationships. 


  • Why are you stuck? What’s holding you back?   How you can create breakthroughs.


  • How to get rid of vicious cycles of bad luck and be happy.


  • How to change all aspects of your life by changing your home or office.    


  • You will learn the three crucial universal Feng Shui factors that will enhance all aspects of your life.


  • You will be taught how to identify the untold Feng Shui factors that can explain why some people struggle financially despite working extremely hard and being good at what they do,
  • How to use proven, secret techniques to find the best Feng Shui land; buy or rent the perfect property, or design a plan, which can attract lasting love, good health and prosperity.
  • You will receive a relationship compatibility analysis.


  • You’ll learn three little known Feng Shui laws to attract soul mates, avoid affairs and create happier relationships.


  • You’ll learn how to identify and counteract Feng Shui influences that may be causing either yourself or your client to experience feelings of loneliness or unhappiness.


  • Learn how to classify different businesses into different elemental categories to attain maximum prosperity – a fun and challenging part of our course.  For example:  What elements do these businesses belong to? Wal-Mart, Google, Microsoft, Subway, National Bank of Australia? What element does your business belong to? I would be surprised if you got it right if you haven’t done our course.  This newly discovered wisdom is amazing and profound. It is the most important part of business Feng Shui!  


  • You’ll learn the seven vital rules of all ancient Feng Shui schools and how to prioritise each system during a consultation. All confusion arising from different schools of thought will be clarified for you.


  •  You’ll also be taught how to advise on ‘cures’ to assist the chance of pregnancy or contraception, as well as good health


  • You will learn rediscovered numerology information that has been lost for centuries.  Did you know that contrary to popular belief 4 is not always a bad number, and 8 is not always a good number?


  • Discover your own personal lucky numbers for your home, business, credit card or bank account numbers.  Learn how to improve your own and your client’s finances.


  • You will be taught the rules behind finding names and logos for businesses that carry the best energy possible to obtain prosperity.


  • Contrary to popular opinion, high locations are not always good Feng Shui. Learn why!


  • You will learn the Feng Shui reasons behind all major world events including September 11 and World Wars One and Two.


  • Learn the Feng Shui reasons behind why the world’s top businesses are either successful or unsuccessful


  • Discover why a marriage corner doesn’t always relate directly to marriages and why, wealth can have little to do with a wealth corner.


  • Learn about the best directions, rooms, colours and layouts for company directors and other staff.


  • You’ll be taught how to analyse a property, room by room, corner by corner and section by section.


  • You’ll also be taught how to evaluate a property’s colours, design, landscape, location, position and character.


  • Discover why a given property would be ideal for a home but not for a business and vice versa


  • Learn our breakthrough approach to Feng Shui cures, including both modern and traditional ways. Ordinary Feng Shui ‘authorities’ always stick with oriental cures such as wind chimes, crystals, flutes, mirrors, ancient Chinese coins, fish tanks, Chinese knots, money cats, screens, partitions and plants.  These cures are not always to everyone’s taste, and can even turn some people away from seeking help from Feng Shui.  Learn how to implement “unseen” cures that blend into everyone’s décor and make Feng Shui accessible to all creeds and ethnic backgrounds.


  • Take a study tour around a city area and learn why some businesses are struggling financially even though they have a busy street frontage, and why other businesses located in lonely alleyways thrive


  • You’ll be taught the crucial 20/80 rule of Feng Shui


  • You’ll experience a highlight of your study with our unique NEW discoveries on I Ching and Chinese Astrology (4 Pillars).  You will discover fascinating insights into these arts that have been lost for generations and have only been recently rediscovered by Master Feng through his extensive research. Both the I Ching and Chinese Astrology have two parts: Feng Shui and Prediction. Since this is a Feng Shui course, we will be focusing only on those points relevant to Feng Shui.   We do offer other courses related to the prediction part of these two subjects for optional study upon the completion of the Practitioner course. 


  • Gain invaluable insights into the true nature of the 8-House System, 18-House System, and even the 24-House System etc.   


  • Discover the essential Feng Shui principals for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Put aside all you’ve heard about the issue from different schools or Masters. The insights you will learn in this class are profound.


  • Learn about Flying Star, especially the unknown part of it. While most schools teach the 20-year, or yearly, or monthly cycle, Master Feng takes you far beyond this basic level. We also examine just how important Flying Star is.


  • Discover how to ‘read’ a high-rise building to determine the most auspicious site  for a domestic dwelling or business


  • Learn about how your organs, emotions and the direction of your house are all linked to your luck.


  • You’ll be taught Master Feng’s unique approach to divide a house into 8 sections.


  • You’ll learn the 22 essential Feng Shui characters in a quick, fun and easy way.


  • Discover your elemental energies… Is your life balanced? Do you have an element missing? Do you need ‘something’ to support your life?


  • You will learn our greatest Feng Shui secret of all time.   


  • Learn the little known part of East and West groupings in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.


  • Discover why Master Feng’s ‘Comprehensive Feng Shui Chart’ will benefit you throughout your long and successful Feng Shui career.


  • You’ll be taught how to really understand a Feng Shui compass and how to read a Chinese Calendar Book.


  • Learn about the fundamental Feng Shui principles of Qi, Yin, Yang, Five Elements, colours, objects, orientation, landscape, positions, street numbers, building levels, protective spirits.


  • Study practical real life Feng Shui cases.


  • You’ll be taught about all the major types and styles of Feng Shui: Form School, Compass School, Eight House System, Directional Feng Shui, Chinese astrological Feng Shui and, as previously mentioned, Flying Star,  Nine Places, Water and mountains, Sitting and Facing Star, 24 Mountains, Eight Mansions, Ba Zhai, Pa Chai and San Yuan, San He method, Xuan Kong, Si Zhu and Ming Tang, FuXi, Wen Wang Ba Guia, Loong Xie and Sha Qi


  • Learn how to perform the ceremony to clear negative energy and attract good fortune, as well as ‘cures’ in conflict cells.


  • How to become a professional, ethical Feng Shui consultant.


  • How to set up your own Feng Shui practice, and how you can save thousands of dollars by knowing how to effectively market your services


  • Learn the rules for business cards and brochures and find out the best and worst places to advertise


  • You’ll be taught how to professionally conduct business and residential consultations


  • Learn how to prepare a professional Feng Shui report


  • You’ll be taught how to add Feng Shui services to your existing career to attract more business


  • Learn how to successfully work with architects, builders and interior designers


  • The ‘8 Golden Rules’ to get the most out of your life and be an even more successful Feng Shui consultant.


“To be the best you have to learn from the best.”


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