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Question:  Am I going to be an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant?

Answer:  An a VIP or Premium Enrolment, upon the completion of your course, you’ll have an International Credibility for being Certified and Accredited through the qualification of the Master Feng Institute One of the Most Recognised and Trusted Names in Feng Shui . So when you set up a Feng Shui business after this course, your service will often be trusted and preferred by clients.

There is currently no governing body with regards to Feng Shui. All current differenct associations of Feng Shui are set up by different groups of Feng Shui Practitioners, set their own standards. As a company, we meet and excel the standards and requirements of Feng Shui set out by three most influential Feng Shui Masters in history. 

We are currently in the process of setting up the first board of Master Feng's Feng Shui (the proprietary form of Feng Shui taught by Master Feng Institute). when complete, the board will be one of the biggest boards in the world.

This is the only course that covers all major schools of Feng Shui including the unknown truth about the Southern Hemisphere, unlike most other courses which tend to focus on two or three different types of Feng Shui only.


For VIP or Premium Enrolment, No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee means that you can trial this course risk-free.


Question: Are there any differences between this course and other authors, masters and Feng Shui schools?


Answer: from all the literature in this information pack you can see how unique and different this course is.   Our aim is to train the best Feng Shui practitioners possible.  


Question: How did Master Feng become a Master?

Answer: Master Feng studied Feng Shui as an 8-year old from his village Master. He received a Master title from his Master, Ling Chao, at the age of 17 after he excelled in all the requirements.


Question: Do you teach Southern, or Northern Hemisphere, or both Hemispheres?

Answer: There has been a huge debate on this issue between different Masters, schools and authors. Once you’ve done our course you will know why all of these debates (either for or against) are totally unnecessary.


Question: Can I learn I Ching & Chinese Astrology – 4 Pillars

Answer: Although we do offer courses in Feng Shui I Ching and Prediction I Ching; Feng Shui Astrology and Prediction Astrology, this is a Feng Shui course so we will focus on Feng Shui. As such, you will learn the Feng Shui part of I Ching and Chinese Astrology.


Concern:  No time !

Answer:   If you don't have time to do this course, you may have plenty of time to face obstacles caused by bad Feng Shui around you. 


Concern:  I am a “slow learner”, I’m afraid this course is too intensive; I won’t absorb everything in 3 days!  A weekly or monthly course may be more suitable for me.

Answer: This course has been specially designed for both SLOW learners and faster learners. It eliminates the arduous grind of “marathon weekly or monthly” learning. It’s comprehensive and fun, but not intensive.  


Question: Will I receive a certificate?

Answer:  If you enrol as VIP or Premium Seat, you will receive a Certificate from the Master Feng Institute


question: Has Master Feng written a book?

Answer: No, he hasn’t. He has turned down many proposals to write a Feng Shui book. He believes that this unique knowledge can only be given full justice by students attending the course. In this way students can get the full benefit, value and appreciation of this wisdom. Master Feng’s comprehensive Feng Shui course manual is only available to graduates.


Concern:  I am interested in helping myself only. I don't want to be a consultant. Could I attend this course?

Answer: Certainly.  Attend this course, become an expert yourself.

Question: Surely it’s not possible to learn everything about Feng Shui in just 3 days! It takes at least months, or years!


Answer: We totally understand this point of view. If you ask around many people would agree that it’s not possible. Why? Because this unique learning method pioneered by Master Feng is truly revolutionary and needs to be experienced to be believed. 


Yes, traditionally Feng Shui learning does take years to accomplish. Today most Feng Shui schools still teach it this way. After years of searching, Master Feng has found the secret which has enabled him to pioneer this world’s first accelerated learning method for teaching Feng Shui. In the past we have had many students who previously have been studying Feng Shui for years from different Feng Shui schools around the world. They have attended monthly or weekly courses, and done many assignments.  But at the end they were still confused…until they met Master Feng and learnt Feng Shui through this accelerated way. They were just blown away.  They often report during the course that if they had attended this course earlier, they wouldn’t have wasted thousands of dollars and years of time following all the “famous” schools. 

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