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A descendant of the Founding Father of Feng Shui – King Wen (verification available), Master Yu Gui Feng is recognised across the world as a stand out Leader in Feng Shui, he was born in a remote, primitive village in Northern China. 

He studied the art of authentic Feng Shui from the time he was eight years old, again, with his village masters. He was trained in the traditional manner, and is descended from a long line of traditionally trained masters dating back thousands of years, Master Feng undertook a rigid training routine with monks in remote temples, village elders and reclusive masters living in remote mountain retreats.

Much of what he learnt during this time was a precious commodity passed on to only a small number who were judged morally worthy to receive the information.

He has studied all the greatest Feng Shui masters and classical writings of the past centuries.

He has rediscovered much previously lost Feng Shui wisdom, and developed many new profound theories to create more success and happiness in people’s lives. Thus he has developed his famous "accelerated Learning Process" Feng Shui Practitioner course. He will show you how to enjoy the enormous benefits that Feng Shui can bring to your life.


His enthusiasm and dedication to the subject are truly enormous and his expertise in this area is world famous. He successfully forecast the outcomes of national elections by applying Feng Shui principles, of which several results were published in prestigious publications prior to the elections.


Master Feng is a former chief advisor to the Shantou University Qi Gong Association, and Qi Gong Research Association of the Shantou Education Institute. He served as Deputy General Manager of Huai Bei Universal Qi Gong Health Centre for two years.

Internationally, Master Feng has conducted lectures and consultations to more than 100,000 people. He lectured to as many as 3,500 people on 18 September 1993, at Shantou Stadium, 500km from Hong Kong. Since 1994, he has lectured at La Trobe University, Melbourne University and the Council of Adult Education.


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